Princeton Climate Analytics is an emerging leader in climate data services for global markets

Our proprietary Princeton Hydrological Engine allows us to rapidly develop and deploy industry-leading products and services to a wide variety of clients and sectors


Crop quality and production can be affected by poor or heavy soil moisture, droughts, increased handling and storage because of transportation weather delays, and other factors. Accurately predicting and preparing for these factors through better meteorology and hydrology data can make a significant difference in crop yields. By tapping into the power of PHE, farmers and agribusinesses are able to obtain the data they need for precise agriculture decisions.

Finance & Trading

Financial institutions such as hedge funds, insurance companies, utility corporations in energy and power sectors, and farming businesses trade in weather derivatives to mitigate the negative impacts of inclement weather on their bottom line. No other outside variable shifts consumer buying behavior or supply chain management as frequently, directly, or meaningfully as the weather. PCA provides state-of-the-art weather and climate datasets that deliver an industry edge for trading with confidence in derivatives marketplaces.


Over one-third of the United States’ GDP is impacted by weather. Insuring, planning, and minimizing risk is an integral part of a reinsurer’s business intelligence. Fusing the sophistication of the Princeton Hydrological Engine with our clients’ claims and loss data, we are able to build comprehensive predictive models that optimize risk assessment and provide insights about threats to property, casualty, crop, and specialty markets.

Development Banks & Governments

Investment programs for development depend on hyper accurate assessment of climate risk variables. Partnerships with organizations like the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank leverage PCA’s data platform to bring as much information as possible to sustainable development initiatives. Planning for long term economic growth depends on being flexible for a changing climate. With trackable, responsive, user-friendly data, PCA delivers tailored data products that are effectively translated for on-the-ground use.